We are a leading local cleaning agency in Kensington, London that can offer you first class carpet cleaning services for your home and office. Professional carpet and rug cleaning is a must in one of the busiest areas of London and you know this simply because you don’t have enough free time to keep cleaning your own rugs and carpets.

Admit that they have lost their initial beauty and they are not looking that well now. This is why you are in need of professional services and we are here to help you in any way we can.

In Kensingtonc we offer

– spot and stain removal
– dry carpet cleaning
– hot water extraction
– anti-static treatment

Our carpet cleaning services are perfect for your property. It doesn’t matter if we are going to clean your home or office – the result is always perfect. You can provide the best cleaning services for you and your family and you can do this by making only one simple phone call. With more than 7 years of experience in this field we can assure that one of the feelings our clients don’t know is disappointment.

As you know Kensington is an area that is known as high-traffic place. This is one of the main factors because of which your carpets and rugs have a deep aggregation of dust. And as you know dirty carpets are not good for your health and you should consider this as a serious problem in case you don’t want to inhale dust and dirt particles daily.

You have to make the right choice – in this case – our agency. All of the cleaners we are working with have been specially trained and know how to make things right. We can assure you that you will get the best value for your money simply because we know how to do things right.

Kensington is a district located in the central western parts of London. Popular with its literary life and lots of thinkers and writers who have lived there, Kensington is a place worth of visiting.

You will have the chance to enjoy the old architecture – some of the buildings there are dating back to the 12th century – Somerset House, Essex House, Savoy Palace, York House, Wimbledon House, Salisbury House, etc.

Speaking of cultural events, there are lots of theaters there as well – the Savoy Theatre, the Dephi Theatre and Vaudeville Theatre.

Interesting fact is that there you can find the biggest Apple Store in the world – it is located on The Piazza. There are lots of cafes, bars, shops and many other entertaining places on the square.